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DelftTech offers a complete range of 3D services: 3D laserscanning & engineering, consultancy, software and training & education.

The service of 3D laserscanning & engineering consists of a renting and reselling service for scanners, as well as providing 3D laserscanning on site with our own equipment and all additional engineering like modelling, 360 degree photography, virtual reality, clash detection, monitoring and reporting. 

Additionally DelftTech's consultants can provide you with allmost ten years of expertise.

DelftTech has developed in house Visual Sensor Fusion (VSF) software. VSF Software is capable of fusing different kinds of sensors in a visual manner, i.e. VSF makes it possible to combine 3D and 2D images. VSF can be used to measure a suspect on a surveillance camera image with reference to a 3D scan of the environment. 2D Data that couldn't be measured before, can now be used with help of 3D scans. Depending on the modules you purchase there is a wide variety of functions which can be combined with education and training. DelftTech is also responsible for the reselling and training of Z+F laserscansoftware in The Netherlands.