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Delft Forensics is an engineering company that specializes in using 3D laser scans for forensic and security applications. Delft Forensics is a spin off from DelftTech. Delft Forensics has multiple field experiences in using 3D laser scanning for archiving crime scenes, reverse engineering (explosions) bullet trajectories, and 3D bloodstain pattern analysis.

We have developed our own Visual Sensor Fusion (VSF) software which is capable of fusing different kinds of sensors in an accurate and visual manner. It is possible to combine 3D and 2D images. With the VSF module ‘3D Suspect Measurement’ (summer 2006), a suspect caught on a surveillance camera image can be measured by using a combination of the image and a 3D laser scan. Now anyone can measure in a 2D picture within minutes! Even different poses can be taken into account. Lens distortion is fully compensated by the built-in algorithms.

In January 2007 the VSF module '3D Blood Pattern Analysis' was launched. With this module it is possible to reconstruct the regions of origin based on various groups of blood strings. The technique used is 3D laser scanning and photography. The software will guide you through the process of digital stringing. This means you don’t have to perform any stringing at the crime scene. Furthermore an extensive reporting and 3D visualization makes it all very clear for outsiders to conclude what might have happened.

DelftTech can rebuild any real or fantasy crime scene (even your actual training site) and use this virtual tool for training purposes. These training sessions can be one on one, group wise or even with complete teams involving fire departments, ambulance personnel and planning and law enforcement. It can be used for relatively small crime scenes up to mass events, terrorist attacks, calamities, 3D witness verification etc. The trainer controls and steers it all, even the weather conditions. For evaluation purposes everything will be logged and people can be tracked during the training with GPS. For more information please contact our Delft Forensics office. 3D visualisation of crime scenes are of great help in understanding the most complex forensic situations, enhance developments of theories and facilitates users to improve the communication with third parties (e.g. the justice department). Delft Forensics can visualize this into 3D, 4D (3D + time) and it is possible to make the data interactive (VR), for example 3D forensic training programs, crime scene management, mass events, terrorist attacks, calamities and 3D witness verification.

 "3D Suspect Measurement"
 "3D Blood Pattern Analysis"
 "3D BPA: Bullet Trajectory"

We are very happy to announce the release of a new version of our successful forensic application:
3D Suspect Measurement v.3.0 !

New Features:
- Windows 7 operating system
- Easier image navigation
- Faster loading pointclouds
- Improved text enhancement
- Compatible with Z+F Imager 5010 and Leica HDS 7000
- Language options: English/Dutch/Spanish
- Multiple monitor support
- Easier management of scans and cameras
- Improved rendering performance
- Updated pick-point manager
- Review and adjust image/pointcloud alignment to obtain best possible calibration
- Improved method to add annotations
- Customize the project tree structure to a best fit within own house style
- Optimal licensing system with a maximum flexibility depending on clients' needs
- Fixed or floating license; server- or client-side based lixense.