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DelftTech offers 3D technologies that go beyond traditional methods. DelftTech creates 3D images of objects and structures that are accurate within millimeters and allows immediate viewing in the field.
Laser scanning can easily provide snapshots, which can be later used to archive historical sites or to create exact reproductions. If you are about to begin engineering a heritage-listed building, measure must be taken to ensure that damage such as deformation on walls is noticed beforehand.

Scanning is also widely used within Archaeology. Project examples: city walls, ship wreckage, statues, churches, museum artifacts, excavation sites, etc.

One of the most spectacular possibilities DelftTech offers is to virtually rebuild demolished buildings or even go for a walk around your city with the appearance it had 500 years ago! DelftTech just needs some copies of old maps, photos or pictures to make the past be the present again (check the movies beneath).

DelftTech develops from 3D models up to interactive serious gaming for markets like defence, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering, politics, etc.


 "Doetinchem 1940"
 "Grote Markt Delft"
 "Haderwijk Monitoring"
 "Church Den Dungen"
 "Vermeer: Gezicht op Delft"
 "Fort Spaarndam"

Example Projects:

"Parochie Sint Jacobus de Meerdere, Den Dungen"

This outstanding church located in the center of the town, was lacking all sort of data. There were no floor plans, drawings or sketches available.

Our client needed to study the building's history and its different construction phases along the centuries. They needed to do a research on the arcades shapes and positioning, and that is where DelftTech came into action.

The inside of the church was scanned completely, and the remaining space between the roof and the arcades as well.

Results: Measurable floor plans and sections, the exact position of arcades throught the church and the location of the beams beneath the roof, a 3D model pointcloud which allows beautiful perspectives for presentations or reports, .dwg files, etc.

Even touristic virtual walks through the church!

Broerenkerk, Bolsward:

Monitoring Delft:

Paintings at Fort Spaarndam:


Sint Anna, Heel: