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Interseco, The Hague (The Netherlands)

DelftTech has for some time now, worked together with Interseco, and both parties have signed a collaboration agreement to emphasize this. Interseco helps and advises profit and non-profit-organizations to detect and gain control of crime risks. The application area is broad. By means of 3D-technology, business and housing areas can be mapped in more detail, the vulnerability of certain buildings can be better understood and simulations of shocking events such as taking hostages, bombings or large-scale evictions can be visualized. In case of a real incident, the 3D-recording is valuable to plan and prepare operational actions.

Security of object and environment
Interseco and DelftTech are seeing good application opportunities for object security. This technology not only makes it possible to map the environment of a building, but also to look outside from the inside and vice versa. 3D-technology can contribute to better situational awareness. 


Zoller & Frohlich, Wangen (Germany)

The Z+F group covers a wide spectrum in the field of laser measurement technology: from the development of hardware and software, to sales and product training to further auxiliary services world-wide. DelftTech and Z+F group established a strategic partnership and DelftTech is the distribution company of Z+F in the Netherlands.

Wipco Ltd., South Korea

Wipco Ltd. is official reseller of our Forensic Software Solutions


AVEVA Plant is a set of integrated applications for plant engineering, design and design management. Now with AVEVA PDMS 12 and other 12 Series products, it provides the fastest, most productive and risk-free tool set to design, build and revamp plant of any size and complexity. In combination with Z+F LFM Server Software, AVEVA PDMS is linked directly to 3D laserscans.

Trigion Rijswijk (The Netherlands)

DelftTech works with Trigion on different fields, aiding with 3D techniques in  recherche, consultancy and training.

Grafinta S.A., Madrid ( Spain)

Grafinta is the distribution company of VSF Software for DelftTech in Spain.