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Company Profile

DelftTech is an international company, based in The Netherlands.

DelftTech's services focus on 3D laser scanning & engineering, consultancy, software solutions and training & education.

DelftTech offers low cost, fast and flexible 3D solutions based on "as-built" data.

DelftTech's strength is to implement new technology in new products and services. A few examples of our dedicated services are developing dedicated software to fulfill our needs in various markets, consultancy on combining hardware/software options to get the best working solution and aligning 360 degree photography with scan data.

DelftTech invests heavily in highly skilled staff and the best equipment. DelftTech's staff has more than 10 years experience and consistently delivers the best service possible. 

DelftTech and its spin-off company DelftForensics have extensive field experience using 3D laser scanning for archiving crime scenes, reverse engineering (explosions), bullet trajectories and 3D bloodstain pattern analysis. DelftTech & DelftForensics can visualize this into 3D, 4D (3D+time) and it is possible to make the data interactive (VR), for example for 3D forensic training programs like crime scene management, mass events, terrorist attacks, calamities and 3D witness verification.